All Apologies

Hi, all.

First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts these past two weeks. I’ve been doing some local reporting that has taken priority over the podcast. It’s sad, but we just can’t fit it all in sometimes. But you already knew that.

I’m working on a pretty killer story for the next week or two, and I mean killer in the literal sense. Just hold on for a little longer and you won’t be disappointed.  Endless thanks!


No Point Of Reference

Glenn Breem spent three months in Antarctica repairing a seismograph for the United States Atomic Energy Detection System. And when he wasn’t doing that, he was playing racquetball.

No Point Of Reference

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A Day For Peace And Unity

In the wake of Terry Jones’ planned burning of the Qur’an, the Gainesville Muslim Initiative was thrust into the international spotlight. This is the story of how a few individuals planning an event to feed the homeless became the international face of Islam in America, if only for a week.

A Day For Peace And Unity

Parking With The Warriors

Finding a parking space in a busy lot can be the source of far too many accidents, both actual and emotional. At Osceola High School, students aren’t just reserving spaces, they’re making sure everybody knows who that space belongs to.

Parking With The Warriors

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Bird Sitting

We’ve all grown up either baby sitting or being baby sat. Yet every year we find that there is one part of the family that seems to be the source of greater and greater spending: Pets. We talk with a girl who’s summer pet sitting seems a little… over the top.

Bird Sitting

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An undergraduate at Emory University discusses primate testing in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Yerkes National Primate Research Center

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Marriage: Money or Luck?

I interview three girls from Tallahassee, FL, all living in the same apartment. None knew each other prior to college. Now, they are all in long distance relationships.

Marriage: Money or Luck?

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Club Pub

In this piece, Cathy Manso and I decipher how much college students actually know about what they’re eating.

Club Pub

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